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Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]  

I am wondering if you or your peers have made any progress on the concentric circles on snow covered ponds. I am seeing the same thing on glaicers (small ponds on glaicers) and wondered how these concentric rings form. In the center of the pond (center of all the rings), we also see a small smooth concave-up bulge, like the slush accumulated in a upward facing dimple in the middle. Pressure? Slow upflow from waters below under pressure? Thoughts?

12/10/19 @ 13:45
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Sarah,
If you have a chance, send a photo of the supraglacial pond case, and I’ll ask Charlie. He might have done some subsequent research on these.
In these cases, it seems very likely that water flow came through the ice at the center and flowed outward slowly. The case at the bottom with the viscous fingering likely involved faster flow.
But like most of these ice-pattern phenomena, close and detailed observations are hard.


12/12/19 @ 13:30

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