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Comment from: bex [Visitor]  

I was searching for info on why I am seeing unique (to me) ice formations on puddles and ponds in Mendocino County, N. California. I didn’t absorb the above…it’s late and I read it fast. I’m also old and my brain is toast so I will have to read it more slowly. The formations I have seen are triangles that are frozen on the surface (horizontal) of the water; around edges of triangles are “frames” of ice 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide which appear to rise a bit above the surface of the triangles. I asked my husband, a science guy, who said he thot it had to do with wind as the ice is forming. There hasn’t been any wind!

01/15/13 @ 03:33
Comment from: [Member]

Ah, I understand the difficulty! It is hard to picture these three-dimensional patterns and shapes, and even harder to see how they form. Some good drawings would really help.

I think you are referring to the triangular features that appear in the first puddle photo of the next blog posting “The Crunch Puddle Puzzle". But it sounds like the features you saw did not have completely drained water, and as a result, the bars of ice that formed the perimeter of the triangles were a little higher than the interior region of the triangle. Perhaps they were also a little higher than the region exterior to the bars.

Once, I saw 1/2″ deep holes in the top surface of an outdoor bathtub. I still find that puzzling. But I will try to post a few explanatory drawings in the next few days.


01/15/13 @ 10:57
Comment from: dennis [Visitor]

just posted some photos of black ice on my flickr site. so far, you are the only site i have found that has similar shots of this phenomenon!
go to my site and check out the patterns that showed up on our flat rocks at our home in ct. i have never seen this before in my life! so far i think that people who see this think it is a hoax or something!
thanks, dennis

03/01/13 @ 16:36
Comment from: [Member]

Wow, Dennis, those are fantastic patterns and great photos – thanks for the link!

Many people seem to think that the curvy ice patterns only form on glass. But it only requires a thin film of water. This is why I call it “film frost". In addition to the cases of concrete and plastic shown above, I’ve also seen it on wood. I don’t recall ever seeing it on rock, or if I have, never as startling as the formations you photographed.


03/01/13 @ 18:44

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