Story of Snow - Simplified Chinese edition

April 6th, 2016
A few copies of the simplified Chinese Edition of The Story of Snow arrived at my house a few days ago - here's what it looks like:

Story of Snow - Simplified Chinese edition

The Story of Snow was originally published over 6 years ago (October, 2009) - so it's great to see continued developments even now. It of course remains in print in English and available at places like Amazon. -- Mark

100 Snowflake Photos

January 27th, 2015

I recently put together a new collection of 100 snowflake photos. The gallery ranges from some of the first photos I made (on film) in 1999 through photos made in early 2015. If you are interested in seeing more snowflake photos, follow this link: 100 Snowflake Photos (or click the snowflake photo below). Enjoy!

More 2015 Snow Crystals

January 27th, 2015

A few more snowflakes from recent days (January, 2015)... click the images for much larger files on flickr.

Note - to keep from cluttering the blog here, I am just adding new images as I take and process them. So stop back to see new stuff!

-- Mark C.

Added January 27, 2015:

Added January 15, 2015:

Added January 13, 2015:

Added January 9, 2015

January 2015 Snow Crystals

January 6th, 2015
At long last a snow that produced some intact crystals... Here are two from this afternoon, January 6, 2015 (click on the images for much larger files.)
Hopefully, more will be coming! Mark C.

2013 Snow Crystal Photos

February 8th, 2013


In the last few weeks, the winter of 2012/13 has been pretty good for snow crystal photos. Below is one sample, and you can see a full set of this season's photos on my flickr account -

2013 Louis J. Battan Award

November 3rd, 2012

The Story of Snow has received the 2013 Louis J. Battan Award from the American Meteorological Society.

From the society's website:

The Louis J. Battan Author's Award - K-12

The Louis J. Battan Author's Award - K-12 is presented to the author(s) of outstanding, newly published learning materials or books that foster the understanding of atmospheric and related sciences in K-12 audiences. Nominations are considered by a committee of the Education and Human Resources Commission, which makes recommendations for final approval by AMS Council.

This is a great honor and Jon and I are both thrilled with this award!

From the AMS website:

One Lone Crystal - 2012

January 16th, 2012

This winter is turning out to be disappointing. We've had day after day of warm temperature, often barely dropping below freezing even in the evenings. What little snow we have gotten has been sloppy an d mixed with rain.

Last weekend we finally had a hard snow and a true blast of cold weather. While the detached garage in which I take these snow crystal photos had cooled down a bit, it still took till the next morning to finally drop below freezing inside the structure - even though it was well below freezing outside.

And so on Saturday morning I set up the camera and managed to get one, just one, snow crystal photo. The snow stopped just as I set up the rig and prepared to start photographing. Here's the one photo I did get - click for larger version.

And here we are - another warm day and rain on the way. Maybe more crystals will come soon...

Book Signing at the Kalamazoo Nature Center

November 30th, 2011

On Saturday, December 10, the Kalamazoo Nature Center will host the 2011 Buy Local Art & Gift Fair. Lots of artists this year and a really fun event. I will be on hand to sign copies of The Story of Snow from 1-3 PM. For more details, click here.

If you are in the area, stop by!