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Blue Ribbon From BCCB

January 28th, 2010
The Story of Snow has been awarded a 2009 Blue Ribbon from the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books! You can see all the details here: - Mark more »

Snow at last!

January 27th, 2010
A light snow has been falling for the last few days. It's not been much. I look out my window at the lawn mowed last fall, and green tips of grass blades poke out of the snow. On the internet I see the lake effect snow bands playing out to the north,… more »

Anticipating Snowfall...

January 25th, 2010
The January thaw lasted extra long this year, with temperatures yesterday topping 50F here in Kalamazoo. But in the winter the warm days are usually precede a cold snap - and it's cooling off a bit now. A little snow is actually blowing in the air.… more »

USA Today's Book Roundup

January 21st, 2010
The Story of Snow is featured in today's USA Today's  Book Roundup - in an article entitled Weather the Winter with a Picture Book. The book is described as "an artistic science lesson about the rise and fall of snow crystals."  The article also… more »

Reviews in McClatchy Newspapers

January 19th, 2010
On Monday several of the newspapers for the McClatchy company ran a review of The Story of Snow in their "Read It:" column.  An excerpt: "Part science, part art, this beautiful book explains a bit of the chemistry behind winter's cold, white… more »

NSTA Recommends: The Story of Snow

January 14th, 2010
A little while ago I mentioned that The Story of Snow was named an Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2010 by the national Science Teachers Association and Children's Book Council. Here's a link to a review that appeared a couple of days ago on the… more »

New Reviews in The Washington Post and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

January 7th, 2010
Here are two new reviews of The Story of Snow: Washington DC has seen a bit of snow of late, on the heels of that the Washington Post says "The engaging "Story of Snow" -- featuring a succinct text, spare illustrations in gray-and-blue hues and… more »

A Few More Lighting Experiments

January 6th, 2010
I'm continuing to work on taking snow crystal photos to the next level. It's funny because in past years I tried different approaches to lighting, and none of them worked. So it was a surprise when I picked up a couple of spare C9 holiday lights,… more »

Happy New Year 2010

January 1st, 2010
A nice lake effect snow blew in early this morning to greet the new year. I spent a little time photographing out in the garage. It's a new year so I tried a couple of new ideas for lighting the snow crystals - this one worked! Not much else to show for… more »

Feedback from the Blogosphere

January 1st, 2010
Here are three reviews of The Story of Snow that have appeared in the blogosphere over the last month (plus a few days):  Abby (the) Librarian describes the books as "beautiful and interesting" and discuses pairing it with Snowflake Bentley when… more »