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Feedback from the Blogosphere

January 1st, 2010

Here are three reviews of The Story of Snow that have appeared in the blogosphere over the last month (plus a few days):

 Abby (the) Librarian describes the books as "beautiful and interesting" and discuses pairing it with Snowflake Bentley when teaching about snow and winter. You can find the full review here:

The Miss Rumphius Effect - a blog aimed at teachers and educators - reviews Snowflake Bentley and The Story of Snow both in a common post. The Story of Snow was described as "visually appealing and highly informative." You can see the whole review here:

 A Patchwork Of Books comments that the book "takes every day questions about snow and answers them with a simple, yet informative method." You can read the whole review here:

There may be more out there but those are ones I ran into. Thanks to everyone who reads the book and takes the time to offer feedback!

 - Mark